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Our puppies are selected and released in the order
we receive the deposits at 8 weeks of age

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Puppies Born April 9, 2015

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Tabasco Del Corsoclub, CGC


Roman's Ellasara, CGC





13 Week Old Chestnut Brindle Female

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Many of our litters are sold out before they're ready to go at 8 weeks of age (Upcoming Litters). Many sell out even before they're born.  Secure your selection today by reserving your puppy now! Our pups are selected in the order we receive the deposits at 8 weeks of age. Deposits are non-refundable.

Since we've been breeding and maintaining a certain bloodline for 10 generations (24 years), our litters are very consistent. Remember, Roman Cane Corso breedings produce the same qualities in each and every puppy. Click Here to view our many satisfied customers.


Glenn and Patty Haggstrom

"You are raising Cane Corsos with the 'true' Cane Corso temperament and body type instead of what we are seeing in the breeding magazines as of late."

"After having raised two other Cane Corsos before this from some of the original lines that you have also maintained, we were simply delighted to find a breeder with such integrity for the Cane Corso Breed!"

Roman's Amica and Roman's Cato
Gene Lomas

"He (Dino) is not our first corso... Thor's (our first corso) temperament and conformation were very typical of the corso breed and he possessed all of the traits that attracted us to the breed in the first place, but he was not the easiest dog to raise... Compared to Thor, Dino has been the easiest dog in the world to raise. He is extremely intelligent and, he too, has all the character traits we love so much about corsos, but his temperament is so stable and easy going he could easily be the ambassador for the breed."

Roman's Dino
The Cloud Family

"Her temperament is exactly what you said it would be - very sweet natured and great with the kids! She loves everyone and demands to be with the family at all times!"

"She's great when we take her for walks and she loves all the attention she gets from admirers."

Roman's Ursilla
Calixto Manduley

"Everything posted in the site is true, from the breeder concern to the quality of his bloodline. I would not hesitate to recommend Roman's Cane Corso to anyone interested in obtaining only the best."

Roman's Tauro
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The Giraldis

"As first time dog owners, it was very easy to get adjusted to life with this intelligent animal. He was trained almost immediately."

"He is wonderful and very gentle with our three children. He instinctively knows whom to be gentle with and whom to play harder with."

"In the four months we waited for Primo, both you and Gensen were extremely helpful and patient with any and all questions we had for you."

Roman's Primo
Chris Verrone

"I have been around plenty of Cane Corsos and I have to say this temperament that you are breeding is not indicative of the breed
as it is so steady and constant in your lines."

Roman's Mona

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